Free Case Review

Rochelle McCullough, LLP offers all prospective clients a free consultation to review your case. This consultation can be conducted by phone or face to face. If you are unable to travel, Rochelle McCullough, LLP will schedule an appointment to meet with you at your home or in your hospital room.

To initiate your free case evaluation, you may fill out the Free Case Review Form below, which gathers basic information about your case. After Rochelle McCullough, LLP has reviewed this information, they will call you at a convenient time to discuss your case. If you do not wish to provide any preliminary information about your case on line, you may either call Rochelle McCullough, LLP directly at their office at: 1-866-430-0182 to discuss the case from scratch, or simply submit your contact information on our Contact Us Form, and Rochelle McCullough, LLP will call you.

Please provide a brief personal background of the person needing assistance. Many times we are contacted by someone other than the person in need of help, such as a parent on behalf of a child, or wife on behalf of a husband. Please provide the following information on behalf of the person who needs assistance.


When the information you have provided is complete, please press the Submit button below to send it to our firm. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.